Youssef Hotait

Born in 1986 in Beirut, Lebanon

MAY 1991

He moved with his family to Hamburg, Germany

SEP. 1995

Youssef first started drawing dresses in his bedroom

JAN. 1996

His Mother convinces him to attend private art-school

FEB. 2019

Youssefs mother passes away. His future brand is dedicated to her

JUN. 2019

Launch 1st SS20 collection: "Maybe you can fly"

JAN. 2020

He reveals his 2nd collection: "The 2nd seduction"

JUN. 2020

SS21 Collection: "The underground awakening"

JUN. 2021

SS22 collection: Beirut -"Falling in love by the sea"

DEC. 2021

Youssef moves with his brand to Paris

JAN. 2022

FW22 collection "Lovely vs. Lonely"

JUN. 2022

SS23 "Habibino"


Combining both language and luxury fashion into one, embodies the brand’s versatility.

The main influence is based on Youssef’s childhood, divided by two places, two periods - Beirut & Hamburg. From the war to the north.

The main character plays his Grandfather who would come every morning to breakfast in those fluid - silky robes & Kaftans or dressing up in oversized suits for a festive Beirut occasion.

Youssef’s inspiration is particularly drawn from individuals who incarnate the modern man: an elegant individual who is not only a dreamer, but also someone who is brave enough to make their dreams come true and work vigorously in order to keep their dream a reality. 

The Brand consists of three main strands: Sustainability, elegance and comfort combined, and finally, elements of the mystic Orient merged with a minimalist aesthetic from futuristic cities to create a new style altogether.
Youssef’s Lebanese heritage and life in Hamburg have undoubtedly shaped his brand into what it is today.